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Visit Westman Islands - Vestmannaeyjar - Vestmannaøerne - îles Vestmann 

Westman Islands is one of the best kept secrets in Iceland and you haven't seen Iceland until you have visited the Westman Islands. Westman Islands is one of the wonders of nature, surrounded by mountains, islands, volcanoes, puffins and other seabirds. Westman Islands also has one of the most beautiful and extraordinary 18 hole golf course in the world.

A common mistake that visitors make when coming to Westman Islands is that they only stop for one day. We haven't met a tourist yet that didn't want to stay longer so our advise to you is, spend at least two days and then you might be able to experience many of the great things about Westman Islands/Vestmannaeyjar.

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How long time should I stay in Vestmannaeyjar?
How long time should I stay in Vestmannaeyjar?

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