Beer and Brewery tour (groups only)

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What to expect in this tour

The Brothers Brewery is the first of its kind brewery on Westman Islands.

The Brothers Brewery offers a brewery and beer tour  for groups. In the tour you will have a fun lecture about brewing process followed by a beer taste. Participants will taste local beer from The Brothers Brewery. The tour takes approx. 60 minutes.

The brewery is operated by 4 “brothers” and they have already made their mark in the brewing industry when they won the esteemed award “Beer of the Year” in 2016 competition at Hólum. The beer that won is called “Togarinn”, it is an Imperial Stout and it is dedicated to one of the local sailors from Vestmannaeyjar.

The brewery has been focusing on using local ingredients such as a seaweed called dulse and thyme, but they can both be found on the island.

If you like trying out new beers then this is a must visit. In the past, they have been brewing IPA, Red Ale, Pale Ale, Stout, Porter, English Ale and many more types of beer.

The minimum age requirement is 20 years old.

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